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In an industry with a traditionally high rate of turnover, a growing use of part-time help, and thousands of items in larger and ever-changing stores, it's little wonder that shoppers often get irritated when they can't find what they came in to buy, or can't find anyone who knows either.

The result? They leave frustrated... and many times without buying.

And it happens all the time. In fact, surveys show that the inability to find items is a top frustration among shoppers today, and it's causing them to stop shopping or shop less frequently at particular stores.

Now, imagine your customers being able to find anything, anywhere in your store immediately

Or viewing related items and targeted ads based on the products that they're actually looking for.

Or using an intuitive online shopping list that not only organizes everything by aisle, but by the easiest path in the store

TreoSystems delivers item location and wayfinding software solutions to help retailers drive more sales by enhancing every customer's shopping experience, starting with our innovative iPAL Product Locator system. We combine customer-centric approaches with new technologies to help our clients provide the highest levels of service while maximizing store efficiency.

Thanks for stopping by. We invite you to learn more about our company, our innovative solutions, our successes, and our exciting future.


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