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Applied Solutions

Any time, place or situation that can impact a customer's purchase decision is a crucial opportunity not to be missed - whether it's finding a product quickly, delivering helpful information about an item, or eliminating wasted time.

Our strategy is to empower both shoppers and staff with technologies that can deliver information at this critical point-of-activity by the most effective means available, including self-serve kiosks, 'smart carts', mobile handheld devices, or even over the web.

We've developed relationships with other leading providers of innovative applications to provide integrated, multifunctional  delivery systems to your customers from anywhere in the store


Here are just some of the interactive applications available that can be integrated as a seamless solution to enhance your customers' store experience:

   Recipe systems

   Online shopping lists 

   Store Loyalty/Targeted Marketing programs

   New products in the store

   Gift Registry systems

   Kiosk-based in-store Weekly Circulars

   Project Ideas & Plans

   Electronic catalogs

   Health & Nutrition information

   Price lookup

   Product information

For more information about our products, solutions and services, please contact us at 704-542-1868

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