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The iPAL System Suite

The Problem

Virtually every consumer has faced the same frustration – knowing what they want but not being able to find it, or not being able to find anyone who knows where it is either. Customers want a better shopping experience, and it's proven in survey after survey:

   Nearly two-thirds of consumers surveyed said difficulty locating items was a top reason 

     they quit shopping or shopped less frequently at a particular store.

   Roughly 25% leave dissatisfied - and not buying - because of not being able to find an 

     item or being told wrong information.

Yet research makes it clear that most consumers are very open to using technology devices in a store if it can enhance their shopping experience, and in many cases are actually beginning to expect it where they shop:

   Almost three-quarters of those surveyed would use self-service applications that could 

     provide location of products.

   Close to half said they would be more likely to shop in a store that offered these kinds 

     of services, and more than half would spend more time in the store during each visit. 

   And almost 50 percent said these features would likely lead them to spend more money 

     in the store.

The Solution

TreoSystems' iPAL product locator system is an integrated set of software tools developed specifically to help both customers and store staff find items faster and easier in large retail operations, such as discount superstores, home centers, department stores, supermarkets, and other specialty stores 

iPAL puts information in the hands of both shoppers and store employees with an interactive system designed to:

   Communicate immediate real-time product data and location information, and


   Capture, update and track all product placements, stock moves and location 

     changes instantaneously


Whether it's finding wood putty at a home improvement center, mint jelly at the supermarket, or stain remover at a discount store, retailers can have a positive impact on a shopper’s store experience by being able to immediately provide the exact location of any product in the store, along with other helpful information such as its price, how many are in stock, and suggested related items they may need. 

By seamlessly blending key elements of merchandising, operational process and leading technologies, iPAL - for immediate Product Availability & Location - can dramatically improve a customer's shopping experience, enhance overall employee performance, and increase sales and bottom-line profitability.

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