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Kiosk Management Solutions

TreoSystems offers several tools to help you manage and monitor your self-service devices to ensure your customers are getting the full benefit of the applications. 

KioskFlash manages the visual content of your kiosk devices and the interface to all applications. From a central command or at the store level, changes can be made to customized attract loops, customer messaging and welcome screens. All screen timings can be varied, and navigation buttons can be dynamically re-mapped for easy touch screen use.

With a seamless interface to complex web content, animation and full motion video, and self-service kiosk applications, KioskFlash is an easy-to-use tool to ensure a highly positive use experience. 

KioskManager provides retailers with a complete, integrated platform to centrally monitor and manage multiple networks and devices from a single web-based console.

Monitoring setup is done with an easy-to-use auto-discovery utility. Customized monitoring is provided for both applications and specific devices, including kiosks, workstations, printers, servers, firewalls, routers and other network devices.

KioskManager monitors all IP devices at a customer's site. A single local agent sends alerts directly to your office, which is then displayed on a central dashboard status screen for immediate attention and speedy resolution. 

The appropriate support person can also be simultaneously notified of the alert by any web or e-mail enabled device, at their desk or on the road.


These alerts appear on the Service Center Central Dashboard, and are color-coded for quick and easy visual assessment. 

For more information about our kiosk management solutions, please contact us at 704-542-1868 or info@treosys.com.


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