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Online Shopping Lists

Goodbye to handwritten shopping lists and wandering aimlessly around the store!


Online shopping lists are being provided more than ever by forward-thinking retailers... and not just by supermarkets.

Whether you've built your own, subscribe to a service or just want to get started, you can enhance the value to your customers by utilizing the power of the iPAL product locator system. 

Our own location-based Online Shopping List application lets your customers create their lists in a free-form format by simply typing in products, adding brand names, quantities and sizes if desired, as well as notes, errands and reminders... just like you would on your refrigerator door list.

Lists can be printed at home, emailed to another person, or accessed and printed at any kiosk in any store. They can even be retrieved by any web-enabled mobile device such as a PDA or smartphone.

And here's the best part... 

Since the shopping list application - yours, your service, or ours - is linked to the iPAL product locator system that tracks where everything is in every store, all items are organized not only by location but by the most efficient shopping route for each individual store!

No more wandering all over the store looking for items on the shopping list. Talk about eliminating customer frustration! 

And it can be applied to any large store format - supermarkets, discount superstores, home centers and other specialty stores. Create pick lists for contractors, include it with a gift registry service, or develop re-stocking routes for your associates.


The future is here... TreoSystems' Online Shopping List application is already being used today by over 25,000 customers!

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