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Client Successes

With over 1,900 installations in almost 350 stores nationwide, our customers are considered innovators in their particular industry segment.

Here are just a few of the projects we've worked on over the years.  

Bloom Stores

Food Lion LLC, with over 1,200 stores in the Southeast, teamed with TreoSystems to offer shoppers in their new Bloom stores innovative technologies to enhance their shopping experience and provide a hassle-free store environment.

Using TreoSystemsí iPAL product locator software, Bloom shoppers can locate any item quickly using one of the many information displays prominently placed throughout the store. TreoSystems provided customization and design services, along with location setup and maintenance for all new and current Bloom stores.

TreoSystems designed and developed the first Online Shopping List that lets a shopper prepare a 'free-form' grocery list with all items automatically sorted by location and by the easiest shopping path in the store. A customer can print out the list, email it, access it at a store kiosk, or even display it on a web-enabled mobile phone or PDA. 

TreoSystems developed an interface linking Bloom's Kiosk Recipe System with product location in all their stores. The application lets shoppers select new ways to prepare foods with step-by-step instructions and ingredients. 

With the integration of the iPAL system, a touch of a button now also shows them exactly where all the ingredients can be located in the store. For shoppers, it's convenience; for Bloom, it can drive more sales and increase store revenue.

Barnes & Noble

TreoSystems worked with Barnes & Noble to develop their comprehensive Search&Find kiosk system that lets shoppers access information for any item in the store, show everywhere it's located, suggest related items, check on upcoming events, reserve new releases, and even order it online if it's out of stock.

Using TreoSystems' iPAL software as the foundation,  the kiosk system was integrated with Barnes & Noble's internal store systems to accurately display all product information and ensure that weekly new releases are displayed when needed.

Giant Food Stores

TreoSystems was part of one of the largest implementations of self-service shopping technology in the U.S. retail industry. Using our iPAL product locator software, Giant shoppers can select an item from a general product listing and the system instantly displays a store map showing exactly where to find it.  

As importantly, Giant can quickly update product and location information using TreoSystems' innovative iPAL Import Engine, which takes planogram data from Giant's shelf management system and automatically updates all product locations on the store map.


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