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TreoSystems' offerings are designed with a single focus:  To enhance every customer's shopping experience while maximizing sales and bottom-line profitability for the retailer.

Our flagship product, the iPAL System Suite, represents the industry's most comprehensive in-store product locator system for all segments of the retail industry.

With over 1,900 installations nationwide, iPAL not only makes it fast and easy to find items in stores for both customers and staff, but also provides proven systems to track and manage product placement, enabling an effective item-level location management system for retailers.

You can also harness the power of iPAL's unique keyword search capabilities to display relevant product information, link to other interactive applications, and deliver targeted advertising to qualified shoppers at the point of activity where they're actually making the purchase decision!

And we've integrated iPAL with other consumer-centric applications that deliver location-based Applied Solutions that provide real value for your customers. Like an online shopping list that's not only organized by each item's location, but by the most direct shopping route through the store. Or the location of all ingredients used with a recipe system. Or showing all the materials and tools needed for a common household project. The possibilities are endless.

Finally, TreoSystems provides full front-end content management and back-end systems monitoring for your entire kiosk deployment with our Kiosk Management software.

We're continually developing new products and solutions that meet the needs of our retail clients, so check back often to view new announcements that are on the horizon.


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