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iPAL Technology & Architecture

TreoSystems is a strong believer in the benefits of developing tools that can enable retailers to transform the way they do business, and unencumbered by technological limitations. We built the iPAL System Suite from the ground up using an open architecture that leverages popular industry standards and reduces the total cost of ownership.

Easy to use and easy to install, our iPAL Interface Framework supports a variety of devices, interfaces to most store servers as needed, and employs all standard networks currently in place.

Standalone and Secure

Developed to be non-intrusive to mission-critical systems, iPAL can reside on its own in-store server, as an application alongside any store system, or as a centralized enterprise web service application, receiving only selected non-confidential data from the store's database as needed via any ODBC or flat file interface.

Configuration Flexibility

Designed to be as "device independent" as possible, stores can select vendor-of-choice hardware devices, including interfacing with current in-store scanning guns, if desired.


iPAL currently runs natively on any Windows, Windows Server and CE.Net operating system platforms.

Database Systems

iPAL supports a wide range of ODBC database systems, including such standards as SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, Sybase and Informix, as well as Open Source database software such as MySQL.


The iPAL application itself is written using the Microsoft .Net framework, the most flexible and robust programming platform available today.

Client Devices


iPAL supports Windows, Windows Mobile, Windows CE, PocketPC and other mobile computing devices such as PDA's and mobile phones, along with a wide variety of customer self-service kiosks available in the market.

Thorough compatibility testing and certification has been completed for selected products from the following manufacturers: IBM, NCR, Fujitsu, Intermec, Symbol, HHP, LXE, Panasonic and PSC.


The iPAL data is made available to various remote devices via standard TCP/IP or Telnet in both wired and wireless environments, including all 802.11 variants and third-party wireless protocols.


iPAL is Future-Ready

The iPAL System is a state-of-the-art software tool designed and developed using the latest methodologies available. Our open architecture and location management infrastructure lays the foundation to fully exploit emerging new technologies such as EPC chips and RFID as they become more economically feasible and available.

The result is an easily supportable, expandable and scalable technology solution today for tomorrow’s successful customer-centric retailers.

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