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Strategies and ideas for today's retailers


   Transform Your Stores: Enhance Customer Interactions with

      Advanced Selling Technologies

Integrating current retail systems with advanced selling technologies will revolutionize your customerís store experience and brand your organization as a retail leader...

from AMR Research, Inc. June 2005 by Robert Garf, Sriram Thodla, and Joyce McGovern

  NRF Expo Showcases Innovations to Make Food Shopping Easier

A news report from New York's NY1 channel on NRF's X06 Gourmet Marketplace "future store" highlighting new technologies coming soon to a store near you. Included are comments from TreoSystems' own Bob Johnson, who demonstrates iPAL in the exhibit.

from NY1 News  January 18, 2006                                                       

  Deeper Customer Insight: Understanding Today's Complex


Customers are increasingly demanding relevant value propositions that meet their individual needs and preferences, and will seek out those retailers able to provide them...

from An IBM Institute for Business Value executive brief

in association with National Retail Federation

  Transforming the Shopping Experience

New technology that can elevate the shopping experience is available today and more is on the horizon. Consumers say they are ready for it...

from Extended Retail Solutions: Transforming the Shopping Experience

Point of View - Capgemini, Intel, Cisco Systems and Microsoft

  Where to Go To Get Down To Nuts And Bolts

A commentary on the state of customer service reflected in an old-time neighborhood hardware store. One of the frustrated and non-buying consumers for which iPAL was conceived...

from USAToday  July 9, 2002 - Craig Wilson, The Final Word

  Creating Retail Convergence

The successful retailer will focus on creating seamless alignment and integration between all resources at the point of customer interaction...

from Performance Solutions for the Retail Enterprise

Kurt Salmon Associates



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