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Who Benefits?

The underlying foundation of the iPAL system is to leverage technology tools to help retailers deliver superior service to their customers, resulting in increased sales and bottom-line profitability. The results include benefits affecting the entire store organization... 

      ...and with a payback measured in months, not years!

Customers and Employees

  Shoppers find the products they originally came in 

     for more efficiently and quickly, and leave as a 

     satisfied customer likely to return

   Converts non-buyers to buyers with higher levels 

     of customer service

   Enhanced consumer perception of both the 

     associates and of the store

   Significantly reduce those "where are..." questions

     from your customers, which can average 50-75 a

     day, freeing your employees to accomplish their

     duties more quickly and efficiently

   Employees are empowered with the tools to 

     better help your customers


Store Operations

   Improved staff productivity with more efficient location-based stocking and replenishment

   Superior customer service differentiates your stores from your competitors.

   Improved product tracking reduces shrinkage while minimizing out-of-stock misquotes  

     with immediate notification of all moves and changes

   The perfect tool to gain control of backroom operations, returns and layaways 

   Training costs for new and part-time associates can be reduced


   Real-time product placement information to track & adjust store layout and merchandise 


   Faster inventory turns and velocity

   Immediate vendor compliance and planogram integrity for every store

   Significantly increases cross-merchandising opportunities with the suggestive selling 

     and targeted advertisement capability of iPAL


   A standalone and self-supporting product designed to be non-intrusive to mission critical 

     store systems

   Leverages the significant investments in merchandising and inventory systems 

   Open design to also support customer kiosks, flat panel touch screens, and other such

     devices to support your merchandising strategy

   Provides the foundation to adapt to new technologies such as RFID, EPC chips and

     'smart shelves'


iPAL is designed to improve service to the customer at the point-of-activity and increase store sales by providing exact product location, immediate pricing, stock level information and cross-selling suggestions, all projected to increase revenues and enhance bottom line results for our clients. For more information on how we can help your stores, contact us at


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